and I can teach YOU how to create vibrant health without deprivation

My philosophy…

…is to keep things simple, tasty, and aligned with your individual goals, so you don’t feel bored or deprived.

Food is the most powerful drug; it informs not just how we look but how we feel and think too.

Being a food lover myself I am able to understand your needs and help you see that healthy food can be delicious, nutritious, affordable and simple to make.

I want you to enjoy life and food, while you will be educated in order to make the best possible choices for YOU!

Working together we will manage to achieve meaningful and long-lasting healthy changes.

We can achieve it together


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What Vitamins Do I Need in Winter?

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I have been going on diets all my life, with my weight fluctuating all the time. This is the first time that a nutrition plan doesn’t make me stressed. It doesn’t even feel like a diet. I can eat and enjoy the food I usually eat, in a balanced way and most importantly guilt free! Aliki is inspired by my cooking creativity and helps me built a tasty nutrition plan, based on my habits and preferences! Thank you very much!!

Artemis Pnevmatikou

Very smart and professional nutritionist!

Bill Anastasiou

Although we know her for just a while, she has helped us a lot and continues to do so. She is very good at her profession.

Lampidona Konikkou

Excellent Nutritionist! I am thankful for all her patience and support throughout these months of effort!!!

Efi Nikolaou

In just 2 weeks I have lost 2.5 kg and my husband 4.5 kg and we keep going strong!!! Thank you, Aliki for giving us nutrition plans that help us not to feel hungry while following them!!!

Aphrodite Theodorou

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