A few words about me

My name is Aliki Zikaki, and I am a Registered Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist and a true lover of good, real food!!  Being a devoted follower of Health & Diet Coaching, I’m currently on a mission to help each and every one of you bring out your best self through a deliciously healthy nutrition.

What I Believe

Working together we will manage to achieve meaningful and long lasting healthy changes, but the first step to do that is for you and I to build a relationship based on mutual trust, therefore you must be willing to be honest, with me and with yourself.

With a variety of contemporary and specialized methods, that aim at modifying dietary behavior, in other words the gradual elimination of any bad eating habits and the adoption of a balanced nutritional model for life, we will seek together to deal with gravity, and therefore support every effort aimed at your physical and mental health.

Having the vision to promote and enhance the health of people, ensuring that as a nutritionist I practice safely and competently, my philosophy is: “say no to any highly processed food or “quick fix” diets or any other modern unhealthy yet ever popular conveniences”. I believe in embracing whole, real foods and their curative properties to revitalize and improve health.

In any case, my goal was, is and will be teaching my clients a balanced nutritional lifestyle and this is what’s called “nutritional therapy” and “mindful eating”.