All nutritional services are individualized, taking in consideration various factors such as age, sex, height, weight, food preferences, physical activity, hours of work, social activity and of course the individual’s health status.  Here are the available dietetic services of my office to ensure a healthy recover and a nutritional guidance.

Nutritional Counselling

I consider nutritional counseling necessary for all cases, as dietary adjustment has a therapeutic role for any individual who decides to change their lifestyle and gain a healthier way of eating.  Support, encouragement and guidance is what I provide to all my clients along with a healthy nutrition!

Adjust Metabolism and Body Weight

I will first seek to understand your concerns and then help you develop a personalized plan based upon your individual nutrition needs and dietary preferences to adjust your metabolism and gain the desired body weight, whether you are a vegan, a committed meat-eater, or anywhere in between.

Adult & Children Obesity

Extra pounds put people at risk of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.  Whether it’s for a child or an adult, I can organize a proper nutrition, suitable for each one and with my support and constant counseling, we can manage to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Nutrition for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, eating healthy foods is more important than ever because you need to be fed for two.  “Eating for two” doesn’t mean eating twice as much. It means that the foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby. Sensible, balanced meals will be best for you and your baby.

Nutri-Therapy for Weight Control

Balanced nutrition, proven behavioral health strategies and regular follow-up make a difference in weight maintenance and health gained.  Working together we can identify all the resources to balance and maintain your body weight and finally achieve your goals for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Plans for Athletes

Nutrition can help enhance athletic performance.  You are more likely to be tired and perform poorly during sports when you do not get enough elements to meet your body needs.  Following a healthy nutrition can help provide the energy you need to finish a race, or just enjoy a casual activity.

Nutrition for Special Conditions

Diabetes and hypertension are few of the many pathological conditions a lot of people suffer from these days.  You should count carbs, limit sugar, consume less salt… You can still eat well!!  Together we can manage any condition with the proper diet, to ease the restrictions and provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition for Eating Disorders

I offer nutritional therapy to help you overcome many types of disordered eating, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa etc.  I work in an encouraging and non-judgmental way.  My goal is to help you stabilize your condition and develop a healthy relationship with food.  In order to deal with eating disorders parallel supervision by a psychologist is necessary.