Beautiful, healthy, lush, silky, shiny hair. It’s every woman’s dream but our bed head sometimes can be very difficult to manage.

A great hair-care regime will probably have some but not all the results you might expect for your mane unless it is combined with the appropriate nutrition scheme. It’s no secret that the condition of our hair is an outward sign of inside health. Like every other cell in our body, our hair cells require a regular supply of key nutrients.

Essential Nutrients For Optimal Hair Care

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega-3
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc & Selenium
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin

7 Must-Eat Foods To Add In Your Diet


Salmon (and other fatty fish like sardines) are not only rich in omega-3 and protein but also in B complex vitamins. If your hair is dry and brittle you can definitely benefit from the regular consumption of such fish.

Dark Green Vegetables

Spinach, arugula, Swiss chard, kale, bok choy, broccoli; the list is endless with options. These delicious vegetables can be used raw or cooked (depends on the type) and are packed with vitamins A and C, which help to produce sebum in the scalp. Sebum is our hair’s natural conditioner and is the oily substance secreted by our follicles. These vegetables have also a high content of iron and calcium.


I am sure that some of you might have heard about eggs as hair masks. Well, the good news is that you can avoid the stench on your hair but still have the benefits by eating eggs. Eggs are very high in protein and also a great source of biotin. Biotin is a vitamin from the B complex and is essential for scalp health and hair growth.


Almost all type of nuts can do wonders for our hair as they are rich in Vitamin E, selenium and omega-3. Pistachios, in particular, thanks to being the host of various hair benefiting fatty acids, stimulate the growth of healthy strands. Also, their high content of biotin may help combat hair-loss effectively.


As it turns out carrots are not only good for your eyes and skin but for your hair too. With a very high content of nutrients and vitamins A & C, they nourish your tresses, improve scalp circulation and promote healthier growth.


Lentils are a great source of protein (especially if you are a vegetarian). They can also provide our hair with iron, zinc, and biotin, all crucial elements for great hair.


This favorite spice of mine is always in the front line when talking about superfoods. Added to sweets, drinks or even food it can give an exotic taste to everything and can also help by improving your hair’s circulation, pumping your follicles with more nutrients and oxygen to promote a healthy sheen.

What does your hair care routine look like?