The holiday season is almost over and so is the mess of all the holiday dinners. But you are left with a fridge full of leftovers and you have no idea what to do with them. There’s no need to toss them. Let your imagination run wild and transform your leftover food to new healthy dishes that the whole family will love.

 Here are a few simple ideas to start with:

  • Turn your leftover pork roast into a delicious orzo pasta dish (in Greek we call it giouvetsi). Cut the meat in small squares and put it in a wok with some tomato sauce and the flavorings of your liking – I usually use only dry oregano or basil and some freshly ground pepper. Add the pasta, give it a whirl and put it in the oven (with the appropriate amount of water) until the pasta is ready. Comfort food in just a sec.
  • Do you have leftover turkey or chicken? Turn it to a classic turkey sandwich. Use a nice whole or multi-grain bread, add some cheese, lettuce and maybe a dressing made of yogurt and a bit of mayo.  The whole family will love it.
  • Leftover potatoes? Make a refreshing potato salad for your next day’s lunch.

Don’t let those leftovers go to waste, just turn them into tempting meals you’d love to eat a second time around.

All my love,


PS. What’s your favorite leftover dish? I would love to know, so leave your comment below.