Easy Peasy Strawberry Ice Cream

Delicious ice cream, cool and healthy!!  A summer (but not only) dessert that is also suitable for kids and really easy to make. It will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, without extra fats and calories.  The recipe refers to 1-2 servings so depending on your family’s needs you may adjust the quantities.

  • 1 cup of strained yoghurt (low in fat),
  • 3 cups of iced strawberries (or any other fruit of your desire)
  • A bit of grated almond flakes or dark chocolate or 1 tsp of homemade strawberry jam to garnish

Put the strawberries and the yogurt in a mixer or blender and beat them until they become a smooth mixture. Put the ice cream in a rectangle cookware and freeze for 2-3 hours.
You may serve it with the garnish of your choice.

DeliTip: Before freezing it you may mix some chopped pieces of strawberry into the mixture and stir gently.

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