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Welcome to Alice World

My name is Aliki Zikaki and I am a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. Through my 9 years of experience with clients and  in combination with my knowledge I can work with each and every one of you in order to bring out your best self through a deliciously healthy nutrition.

Being a food lover myself I am able to understand your needs and help change your nutrition step by step while still enjoying tasteful food. Clever and alternative choices will give you the results that you dream.

Working together we will manage to achieve meaningful and long lasting healthy changes.

We can achieve it together…


Personal Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition

Menu Design

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Very smart and professional nutritionist!

Bill Anastasiou

Although we know her for just a while, she has helped us a lot and continues to do so. She is very good at her profession.

Lampidona Konikkou

Excellent Nutritionist! I am thankful for all her patience and support throughout these months of effort!!!

Efi Nikolaou